Thursday, June 26, 2008

Yoo and Addington Bobbing and Weaving

Listening to these two characters testify this morning on the use of torture by the CIA and US Military has been a frustrating experience. Neither is answering questions directly and most frustrating is listening to John Yoo time and again claim Attorney Client Privilege and National Security as the reasons he cannot answer questions.

Hearing David Addington "not recall" details of his visits to GITMO is so clearly a well planned lie as "not recalling" does not rise to the level of contempt or outright lying to Congress and land him in jail. He could "not recall" orders he gave to interrogators to do "whatever is necessary" to gain more information from prisoners held illegally at GITMO.

Overall, this day will lead to further subpoena's and hopefully force Congresses hand to appoint a Special Prosecutor.

From the front on the war against torture... I'm depressed.

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