Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Addington and Yoo to Testify Tomorrow Before the House Judiciary Committee

The House Judiciary Subcommittee has called John Yoo and subpoenaed David Addington to testify tomorrow June 26, on their role in authorizing the use of torture by the United States Government at Gitmo and other (secret shhhhh) locations. This is an historic event and could be a touchstone for criminal investigations down the road.

I am hopeful that tomorrow could be a turning point. Again... I am hopeful. At the very least, David Addington (on the left), who is Dick Cheney's brain, strong arm bully and "constitution buster"... and who has been essentially running the government along with his morally bankrupt boss will have to FINALLY face some real questions. No doubt, much of the contentious debate we will hear will be between the Democrats and Republicans on the committee.

I can guarantee a packed courtroom and reporters from all over the world for this hearing. It is being broadcast over the radio by Pacifica on 99.5 on the FM dial or on I'll be listening in and will report what I hear. Let's hope that John Yoo (pictured on the left) finds his soul and tells all.

We can only hope. Unfortunately, if we don't do it... the World Court may have to do it for us. Wouldn't that be a joy to watch the civilized world (we no longer belong) doing our constitutional duty of upholding our laws as well as long recognized international law.

My deepest hope is that John Yoo, now a professor of law at University of California at Berkeley, becomes the new John Deane and tells all to save himself from a jail term down the road. We (all of us together) are allowed to dream.

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