Monday, June 2, 2008

Rising Gasoline Prices, Why I Think Its a Good Thing

I received a "pass it on" email calling for a one day boycott of gasoline. This due to the high price of gasoline.

I don't disagree that the price is artificially steep. No doubt the oil companies are reaping enormous profits from this "conspiracy of price". However, I believe that gasoline is way under priced in the U.S. to begin with and that this can only have positive repercussions in the near and far future.

Well first, the obvious. If gasoline prices are high, then new car buyers will not buy gas guzzlers. And from what I've read, the car dealerships are looking at lots FILLED WITH unsold SUV's and Pickups... both categories of vehicles do not face ANY fuel efficiency standards due to laws created by Congress. Are you listening? Do you see the reality of this situation?

The current and INCREASING PRICE OF GAS can only be one of the most wonderful things to happen in a long time. Please note... the United States burns 33% of the gasoline in the world!! Think about that... 300 million people, burning 33% of the gasoline of a planet of 6 billion people. And yet, Americans think they are ENTITLED TO CHEAP GASOLINE. RUBBISH!!!

This is complete ignorant and arrogant hogwash and shows the same uncaring attitude toward the environment and our own safety that we show in so many areas of our own life such as the war in Iraq. In order for me to save a few bucks today, I as an American am more than willing to put the life of the planet and my children and love ones at stake as the planet heats up dramatically each year. Nice. Truly American.

I believe this shows a colossal ignorance and short sightedness that only Americans could have. The Europeans have dealt with $6.00 and up per gallon of gasoline for decades... yet we Americans believe that gasoline should be cheap... and that this is our BIRTH RIGHT. STOOOOOOOPID AMERICANS!

I care not what the profits are for oil companies. High gas prices will force Americans to face the uncomfortable reality that our cars, our behaviors and our economy is obsolete and we must change our behavior and attitudes and buying habits NOW. And if the price of gasoline brings this about... then so be it. Candidly, we made this happen through inaction and laziness, and now we must live in our own shit.

So, for all you angry Americans who believe you are being ripped off by expensive oil, consider these:

- We use 1/3rd of the gasoline in the world and therefore spew more carbon and global warming chemicals in the atmosphere than any other country. This is totally excessive and completely unnecessary. So unnecessary that I think that rising prices are a godsend and give us what we deserve... a wake up call.

- By simply doing YOUR job as a citizen (NOT JUST AS A CONSUMER), you can pressure lawmakers to develop incentives for companies to develop alternative vehicles that have little to no carbon emissions... can you say TESLA MOTORS? The technology already exists... hello?

- This is as much a gift as it is a warning of what is to come and gives YOU time to make a change. Its only going to get worse, so get BUSY. Therefore, you have time to take action to reduce your own carbon footprint and behaviors before you go broke feeding that gas guzzler in your driveway that is ohhhh so cool and comfortable and convenient. I cry for you every time you have to fill your tank. BOO HOO!!

- At the present rate that we are putting carbon in the atmosphere... your kids and friends won't even have a planet to enjoy. So do SOMETHING NOW that ends our dependence on oil

- Stop complaining. Sell your car, or simply consider it a loss and have it crushed and the raw materials recycled for GOOD USE. You'll be saving lives by doing so as well as bringing about necessary change

- Call your car manufacturer and urge them to provide ZERO EMISSION cars NOW at an affordable price. They have the technology... they simply don't believe Americans will buy them. Why? Cause we are too stooooooopid.

- Call all of the American auto manufacturers (who are refusing to develop fuel efficient and electric cars because they consider them impractical and too expensive to manufacture) and tell them you are buying a Toyota Prius.

- Invest in clean technologies so companies WHO ARE DOING SOMETHING will have cash to make our lives and the life of the planet better and livable

- And last of all, go to and make a donation and offer your help. They will save our lives and our economy a lot faster if you help empower them. Otherwise... we are simply doomed to failure and unfortunately, failure does not seem to be an option here

And, if you think I'm exaggerating... go and see Al Gore's new slide show here and then tell me who is the blow hard on this issue.

I'm sorry everyone, I don't feel sorry for you at all. You wanted to be really comfortable and not inconvenienced. Isn't that the American way? Not any more :-).

I have a NEW AMERICAN WAY for you to consider. INNOVATION AND CHANGE!!! Don't do it for your own convenience... do it for your kids and loved ones... so they have a planet called Earth to live on past 2020.

Get busy.

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