Thursday, June 19, 2008

Why Obama Will Win In November

Here I go again... writing about the presidential race. I can't help it. I feel that this country is on the cusp of something that I cannot quite articulate, but it feels very real, and in a sense... revolutionary.

Case in point. As Obama passed on Federal Funds for his campaign yesterday, he will no doubt be scolded by those who believe that money is all-corrupting in politics. But consider that Obama has raised this past May over $100,000,000.00 and THEY ARE STILL COUNTING! They haven't even gotten to June yet!!. The vast majority of money is coming from about 2,000,000 $50 a month donations. I would say that this looks like a true socio-political movement that represents a monumental shift in American politics. This is a movement that we cannot dismiss away... it completely overwhelmed Hillary and the poor dear is still dumbfounded at the colossal ignorance of her campaign to factor in the power of the Internet... and yes, the power of people actually starting to care again.

Hillary, what were they thinking? Can you imagine the Clinton campaign's dismay as all the big donors lined up with their checkbooks, Hillary gracefully accepting them... and then getting their clocks cleaned by hundreds of thousands of people sending in $25 at a time to Obama. Hillary... hello? We the people are OVER HERE. Not behind 40 foot hedges. How had you forgotten that?

And then there is John McCain... old man McCain will take the Federal campaign funds as nearly no one wants to put their name behind this campaign because it is so sad in so many ways that no self respecting Republican (is that an oxymoron?) will publicly embarrass themselves by supporting this hypocrite who still lives in the politics of the Cold War.

So, why do I think Obama will be elected? And yes, this is just BRUCE talking... but I believe that my thinking represents some or a portion of what millions of Americans think who may not be able to quite put it in words... because much of what I have to say is somewhat abstract. But here it goes:

1/ Obama represents the very best in America... The American Dream. As the beacon of hope and opportunity for nearly 2 1/2 centuries, America is now perhaps the most hated nation in the world. We've gone from protectors to invaders. From moral authority, to ripping up the Constitution to protect our freedoms... makes perfect sense. From the highest behavioral standards in global affairs, to torturing prisoners using contractors in secret prisons abroad.

We have fallen so far, so fast, its mind numbing to even imagine if we will ever be able to undo the damage created by Herr Bush and Emperor Cheney... and oh yes, the complicit Congress who never read the constitution and forgot that its their job to uphold its laws.

Therefore, it is my belief that the vast majority of Americans view Obama with a sense of hope and SALVATION that he can somehow heal the horrors that we have perpetrated and show a face to the world of a society that is compassionate at its core and NOT completely responsible for what our leaders have done. Just.... well... asleep at the wheel... and really really sorry for what has transpired and the mess we have made. I believe deep down that all Americans feel some degree of humiliation for allowing such awful things to happen (and continue to happen) in our names.

2/ In our heart of hearts, we are just plain tired of white men ruling us. As time goes on, and the white men continue their reign of control over this society, cracks are beginning to show. Why? Because bit by bit, Americans are electing people that LOOK LIKE THEM. Black, Hispanic, Women, Gay, Asian... the state houses, the Congress, the civic leaders look much more like America than our ruling corporate class and the White House. I believe that we as Americans are as ready to accept a minority or woman president as we are to accept that Ellen is a Lesbian and love her for being courageous enough to just admit it and move on.

3/ Obama is a true statesman, a born leader, and a motivator that moves people in real and tangible ways. Try to imagine little old creaky John McCain asking anything of you. Would you do it? Doubtful. He could barely convince a mouse to eat its cheese... he would straight talk that mouse right to sleep and then off to Iraq it goes for his 100 year war.

Now, try to imagine Barak Obama asking something of you. Better chance you'll do it. Why? He is a powerful motivator with tremendous charisma, a booming energy and aura that moves people in ways no politician we have seen in our lifetime. To see this man speak in front of sold out STADIUMS to wildly screaming audiences is a sight to behold. I don't think that even in our worst days, that this society COULD NOT POSSIBLY PASS UP the opportunity to have such a amazing statesman speaking for us on the world stage.

4/ Because WE CAN. As someone who has not turned on the television is many months, I, like millions of others am just so completely tired of the hogwash and hooey and lies and distortions of the MSM. The whole lot of them are so repugnant, so morally bankrupt and so ill informed about the lives of typical Americans (like me, sorta) that what they say holds little to no sway any longer.

Dare I say... people may actually be watching... and then doing the OPPOSITE of what they are told they should think and do... just to "stick it to them". We saw this time and again in exit polling during the primaries. People just lied and did so with a smile on their face to show them that they don't know anything.

And the truth is... THEY DON'T. So as they scrape and claw to fill air time, I beg each and every one of you: TURN OFF YOUR TV! Nothing that is said will be true or even relevant. And many of you will turn it off...except on election night... when we see the first African American elected President Of These United States Of America. Then we can once again feel that America may be that special kind of place that we can be proud of. A place we all still believe has the capability of both surprising ourselves and demonstrating that we can move beyond our perceived limits.

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David Alport said...

Great thinking here. Solid argument, and I totally agree.

As to whether "Self-Respecting Republicans" is an oxymoronic phrase, sadly it isn't. In fact, it's the ultimate moronic-but-true phrase. Never have we known a cohort more self-respecting than party Republicans, and never has a cohort so let America down.

Write on, Bruce!

Bruce said...

Thanks so much for your comment Dave. It was you that inspired me to take a look at Obama. I, like many others, had assumed that Hillary had it locked up. I'm so glad I was wrong and you were right. Even if the worst happens... the unthinkable... I firmly believe we are a different place because of him.

I apologize for all the typos. I can't afford an editor yet as I am still working on building my blogging empire :-).