Thursday, June 12, 2008

Will.I.Am Obama Music Videos Wins Him Webby Artist Of The Year

OK, so now you have a sense of who I support for President. Ummm... I don't just support Obama for President, I see it as the greatest necessity we have seen in our lifetimes since bringing down Hitler. Perhaps a bit strong... but I have been known to exaggerate just a bit once or twice before.

At the Webby Awards this week in New York, Will.I.Am won the Artist of the Year Award... as he has himself made two powerful music videos supporting Barak Obama. They beautifully express the hope and optimism that is sweeping across our country for a change in direction that is so dramatic and so wonderful I can barely contain my emotions.

The second video "Yes We Can" makes me weepy every time I watch it. Enjoy... and visit and give $25 dollars and then watch them find a matching donor and give you their email address so you can correspond with someone who is a stranger... but a stranger no longer, as you have a common belief that there is hope for us and can communicate directly with them about your feelings, hopes and dreams.

The Obama campaign has worked the web so beautifully and artfully, they have made it a very comfortable place for every American to be an Obama supporter. They don't push or prod, they don't ram him down your throat or try to scare you out of your money. They ask for little and give in return.

Because of this approach, they believe that Obama could actually raise close to a BILLION DOLLARS for his campaign with over half of it from millions of Americans giving just $25 at a time. AMAZING is an understatement.

Enjoy the videos, they're wonderful.

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