Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Landmines and Soccer Moms

While this video portrays something incredibly horrible that we protected and secure Americans could not even imagine happening here. That is exactly what is so brilliant. We are so complacent and so arrogant and il informed, that our government wouldn't even sign the landmine ban. HOW MANY AMERICANS SPOKE UP?? NONE.

Well, this video portrays what it would look like if we lived in dozens of other countries where landmines are a daily factor of life and brings home to us the reality of what it is that WE pay for with our bloated military dictatorship and our uncaring attitudes toward the rest of the world.

As a matter of fact... our government HAS INCREASED THE AMOUNT WE SPEND ON LANDMINES. It so horrible... I couldn't even make this stuff up in my worst nightmares. So, enjoy the video as we are the ones who are the problem portrayed in this video. Enjoy!!!

Did you like that?? That's what YOUR tax dollars accomplish paying for landmines in many countries throughout the world and no one, NO ONE seems to know or care.

Well, don't just sit there... DO SOMETHING!

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