Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Stop Torturing Me!

I think there are two current issues that I am by far the most passionate about:

1/ Our complete denial that the planet is dying is we're going to go with it... and resulting inaction from that denial

2/ The use of torture by the government of these Unites States Of America

As I look through the thousands of articles in my Google Reader from all the major media and big blogs... I just don't see much on these issues. The Huffington Post should really just shut up about this election and start to focus on bigger issues. They now look like a left leaning CNN as they dither away the time contemplating their navels about the election and endlessly complaining about conservatives.

Arianna, as much as I love to read what you have to say... the truth of the matter is that if we have no oxygen to breathe then your (very justified) hatred of the right will be so completely irrelevant. Why? Well for those of you who don't know this... we get 70% of our oxygen from the oceans... mostly produced by plankton. If the oceans heat up too much, (some say by just 2 degrees) the plankton will die, and then for all you really smart people who can connect the dots... so do we. Call me crazy.

Thank you to Amnesty International for giving us a glimpse at the horror of water boarding. Have a look... perhaps it will cause YOU to do something now... not tomorrow.

This is a time for ACTION on these two fronts as I believe that no two issues are more important than the very existence of life of our planet and the complete destruction of American values and democracy that torture represents.

That's why I love WE... and that's why I love the ACLU, and that is why I love Amnesty International. THEY DO SOMETHING. They are acting and behaving as if these are extreme emergencies that must be fixed NOW... and not just discussed and then have a committee formed and then have a meeting and then write a memo and then hope for the best.

I have taken the liberty to share with you the blog page from the ACLU on TORTURE and encourage you to look at it, join and TAKE ACTION. They are calling for an Independent Prosecutor and that's a great start as it will make this THE number one political issue of our time as it should be.... not Hillary and Obama and John McCain. They are far secondary to this pressing issue .

Its really simple to make a difference. Go to and donate, send letters to your Congressional Representatives and spread the word. This is an issue we no doubt all agree on. But just remember... someone is being tortured by the Unites States Government with your tax dollars at this very moment for no reason other than to gain false confessions that our military then uses to justify its out-of-control spending.

Don't just sit there... DO SOMETHING! Why not? Is it gonna hurt you somehow to do the right thing?

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