Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Srait Talk Espresso

I really don't like to write about election politics. First, I have nothing to add as millions and milions of words are being written on this issue... and most of it SPECULATION. Additionally, if you read my earlier posts, you can see that I don't believe the President's job is to do much more than what they are told to by the people that paid to put them in power... and once in power, are clearly dominated by the National Security State apparatus created in the late 1940's that has ruled us with an IRON FIST ever since.

And then there is the immense financial interests involved to keep this sinking ship afloat... that far exceed any one person or administration's ability to do anything other than administer the agenda of others (I call the others 'the one's behind the curtain'). We're talking money so big... its beyond our minds to imagine. The President simply does not have enough power to make palpable change in a way that shakes up that money more than tiny, tiny, tiny bits at a time.

OK... call me a conspiracy theorist... I simply don't care if you think its my "conspiracy theory"... I can prove the whole thing.... one tiny but extremely significant example is Eisenhower's speech about the Military Industrial Complex given on January 16th 1961. I didn't make this all up... HE DID!.. and he was the PRESIDENT for 8 years. You may want to google it and listen watch or read the actual speech because it tell accurately what is happening TODAY. (Bruce.... stop trying to rationalize what you know and can easily prove to be the absolute truth.) I was just talking to myself... don't let it distract you.

Back to the subject at hand: I love watching politicians lie on television and get caught... and John McCain is clearly a champion when it comes to lies, misstatements and just being incredibly misinformed... or dare I say SENILE. Its actually quite funny to watch him try to straight talk himself out of a straight jacket time and again. This video from TheRealJohnMcCain website is funny and alarming and hopefully the Democrats will use it 'liberally' during the campaign to derail him.

By the way, he has a notorious temper, and if the Democrats are smart (which is yet to be proven in recent presidential campaigns)... they can make good use of this as the Clinton's very cleverly manipulated Newt Gingrich's primary weakness (Megalomania) to get him to undermine himself and speedily end his Congressional career. Enjoy and pass along:


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Peter said...

Nice blog, Bruce!

I actually know the Eisenhower speech well, and you're right -- it's very enlightening.

You'll be suprised to know that my grandfather (on my mother's side), who I loved dearly until his death in 1988, was Eisenhower's "Missile Czar" -- actually, the first Scientific Advisor to The President -- James R. Killian, Jr.

Peter said...

Oh -- here's his half page obit from the New York Times:

Bruce said...


Thanks so much for commenting. I'm wondering if your grandfather ever took you on his knee and gave you the story of what was going on behind the scenes there.

From what I've read, Eisenhawer was cut out of the loop on many matters that were deemed too secret for an elected official... and was frustrated by learning that he was briefed on important matters only on a "need to know" basis. Imagine being President and realizing that you have been cut out of the loop!!

And this caused him to realize that a monster of mammoth proportions had been created that could easily get out of control. So he did the only thing he felt he could which was warn the world.