Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Soldier's Story in Iraq

Today, I'm experiencing a sense of real agony over this war. It is so completely wrong I just want to scream out to the world: MAKE IT STOP, WE MUST COME TO OUR SENSES!! There is nothing good about what we are doing... its fitting that just after Memorial Day we are supposed to honor those who have protected our freedom and yet that is the exact opposite of what our war machine does now.

I have this nagging feeling that by doing nothing, we as a society will be punished irreparably for the pain that we have caused. We all know that we are sending a generation of Americans overseas to kill people for no reason other than to control the natural resources of that country and that region. (It seems so obvious to me... I still can't understand how its not to others). One FACT for everyone... Iraq has 115 billion barrels of oil underneath those sands... the second largest reserves of any country in the world.

Its a crime. Its a heavy burden that must face as a society. And we somehow must make this end. Candidly... I am not hopeful... I think that unless we Americans hit the streets and slam the lawmakers so hard to remove all the troops right now, then it won't ever happen in our lifetime. Watch this soldier's "winter tale" and then ask yourself, what can I do to stop this right now. Thank you for watching this...

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Anonymous said...

Shocking. If it's all true, it's...a miasma of sloppy war crimes and not necessarily less evil than the Nazis "orderly" killings.

This guy is confessing to his murders publicly....I wonder if he will have to face any real repercussions.

I'm embarrassed to be an American right now.
The power of the internet must be used to stop this war.

Bruce said...

Thanks Jesse, I don't know the law when it comes to this... I know there were a number of incidents like it in Vietnam where the soldiers were tried.

Candidly, if this is the way we are conducting ourselves, I'd rather the soldiers be able to come back and inform us rather than simply convict them.

I watched Bill Moyer's Journal last night about the a new documentary of an Iraq vet who is a parapalegic now called Body of War. It broke my heart.

Thanks for taking the time to comment.