Thursday, May 22, 2008

Eisenhower Warned Us... and We Didn't Listen

Attached in the former President of the United Stated Dwight Eisenhower warning an unaware and naive country of the impending doom to our democracy in the face of the "MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX". His chillingly statement, "the potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and persists" is perhaps the most powerful and accurately predictive words we've heard from a President in modern times.

What caused Eisenhower to make this speech and how have we become sheep to this immense military machine that now rules our country... and perhaps the world? Whether or not they exist is no longer a question. What makes ME wonder is what went on his administration that led him to make such a speech. What did he see, what did he experience, and what did he know at that time? I believe that what he saw emerging in the Secret Government, the National Security Apparatus and its limitless Secret (black) Budgets was so alarming to him that he realized our Democracy was doomed. I firmly believe what he experienced has everything to do with how we are to dismantle this nightmare of a military dictatorship we live in NOW.

I believe every American should watch this video as it predicted our future as well as gives cues as to how to restore real democracy for future generations.

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