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Something is happening that no one seems to know about except (I suppose, myself and a very few others) and a select few in government and the financial community that will speak publicly about it. Its called the North American Union (NAU) and we (Canada, Mexico and the U.S.) would be united under one currency, the AMERO.

As the Boston Globe in their accurate and daring reporting in their article entitled "The Amero Conspiracy" they say, If you haven't heard about the NAU, that may be because its plotters have succeeded in keeping it secret. Or, more likely, because there is no such thing."

Wow, the BOSTON GLOBE!, the GREAT PURVEYOR OF TRUTH, constantly uncovering the untrue conspiracies, I hear everyday about the great journalism going on at the Boston Globe... one of the world's most important newspapers.

A note to the Boston Globe - How about you spend your time uncovering real live untrue conspiracies such all those other untrue ones from the Bush Administration (you've heard of them right?) that cover up torture and secret prisons abroad, destroy terabytes of data about their activities doing so, invade countries with intelligence they made up.... and let someone else handle the easy stories ok?

Yet its fun reading the Boston Globe tell it like it is... that this as an untrue conspiracy and yet all the while, reveals to an uninformed public the entire plan! (You think that's an accident or just another coincidence?) They state that there are some rather prominent members in the media and government (what a surprise) who are talking quite a bit about this and they are not happy... and can clearly see the pattern developing that looks exactly like the development of the European Union (but without the transparency of process the Europeans enjoyed)... and are now obviously united under ONE CURRENCY, the EURO. (Another coincidence!)

One of the great conspiracy theorists of our country in none other than Lou Dobbs of CNN. This guy is certifiably NUTS and there is no conspiracy that he doesn't believe in... give Lou a picture of a UFO and he can clearly see the GRAYS driving and ready to abduct. Let's see what this great conspiracy theorist himself says about the AMERO:

And there is even a conspiracy TELEVISION STATION entitled CNBC... these guys are WACKO!:

Ok, so the truth is that none of this is new... and candidly, a plan that makes a whole lot of sense for big business. So let's take a quick look at what's happened that makes many people who have seen the pattern over and over again believe that the AMERO will be a reality by 2010:

1/The North American Free Trade Agreement that went into effect on January 1st, 1994 creating a free trade zone between Canada, the US and Mexico. Working as it ought to and upsetting enough people that it actually became an issue in this election.

2/ The creation of the NAFTA Superhighway System. For those who live in Texas, this is a currently a big reality (as it is being built right right now on their land. (Don't believe me?.... just give em a call and ask them yourself, or go online and read about all of the town meetings going on now trying to deal with this). And just because its not on TV doesn't mean its not happening. Some of the contractors are building privately run and operated highways, such as the San Antonio construction company that is is owned by a private consortium out of Spain... and is building a toll highway in which the tolls obviously will go back to... Spain. Google it and see if I'm crazy... or if you are.

3/ And then the series of North American Trilateral meetings: From the meeting in 2006: "Bush-Fox-Harper reviewed the progress of the Security and Prosperity Partnership, as well as to set up a North American Competitiveness Council. They agreed to expand the existing cooperation on key issues such as border security, emergency management and clean technologies to produce energy." Huh? If those are the key issues, why would they call it the "North American Competitiveness Council"?

A little research and we find what really happened at that meeting in 2006 and is summarized here so go ahead and read the agreement. Of course it does not explicitly state that such a thing called the Amero exists (Lou did that for us as well as CNBC)... but for those of you who can read baloney, understand finance, and can read the writing on the wall, and between the lines, what the report says is that "agreements were made to substantially reduce transaction fees for goods that are traded across borders". How is it that you ELIMINATE transaction fees?

One currency!

I'll end with the definition of conspiracy for those who dismiss as false anything that they have not heard of (yet)... and of course... since they haven't heard of it... it MUST be a conspiracy, or simply not be true. Right?

Conspiracy as defined by Meriam Websters Dictionary of Law: An agreement between two or more people to commit an act prohibited by law or to commit a lawful act by means prohibited by law

or the more mundane definition:
"any concurrence in action; combination in bringing about a given result"*
* Modern Language Association (MLA): "conspiracy." Unabridged (v 1.1). Random House, Inc. 12 May. 2008

No where in these definitions does it say "ill informed people fantasizing crazy theories that they made up out of thin air and are untrue" As we can all see... and, if we were to actually THINK ABOUT IT... we are surrounded everyday by conspiracy theories.

As a matter of fact, almost all news is of and about conspiracies. There currently is a conspiracy by the government of Myanmar, by the Clintons and the Obamas; there is big whopping conspiracy by a band of terrorists known as Al Queda (which by the way, was the name of AMERICAN database of Mujaheddin fighters... wow... who knew that??? huh? More about that in another post.)

And while we're on the Mujaheddin, their creation was (a now very well known) conspiracy by the CIA and the US GOVERNMENT to covertly arm the "freedom fighters' of Afghanistan with American arms to fight the Soviety Union that were "re-branded" with logos from Egypt and Saudi Arabia. No one knew about that either. Hmmm... wasn't there was a Hollywood movie recently made about this grand conspiracy last year that starred Tom Hanks (the great and might conspiracy theorist himself)? And for those who saw the movie... where was the press reporting on this? They weren't, IT WAS A CONSPIRACY!

Let's go to the scorecard. If its a good thing but looks like a conspiracy, its not considered a conspiracy. If its something we don't know about YET... or its considered BAD... then it is clearly not true, or a fantasy of "conspiracy theorists". Its like being called a Communist in the 1950's. Call them "conspiracy theorists" and it dismisses them and their knowledge immediately.

The funny thing is that "conspiracy theorists" are in some pretty good company (this time) about the NAU... such as CNN and CNBC and just about every major foreign news service. And again... you think I'm nuts? Go to "You Tube" and search "North American Union"... and see how many hits you get (hint... hundreds of thousands of videos).

And then you may want to ask yourself... where am I? why am I so poorly informed? and where have I been for the past several years while all of this has been planned and is now in the execution phase?

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