Friday, May 16, 2008

Tell It Like It Is Keith

My friend and former colleague Ken emailed me this video of Keith Olbermann's latest political commentary from MSNBC and asked if I would post it to B.L.O.G. Ken, you scored big! Its a masterpiece of emotion, truth, terrific writing and powerful speaking about Bush's latest meandering stupidity. We are all so fed up with this administration, and as I've noted, they've made our entire country look behind its shoulder to see who's watching and listening to us... and sadly, done all of it with lies and manipulation,

But in a rare moment of candor and real anger at the government that you seldom see on television, Keith really digs his fangs in for all to see ... and uses three recent examples of Bush insanity to illustrate his feelings.

Thank you to Ken for bringing this to my attention as I do not watch TV, and thank you to Keith Olbermann for telling the truth in such vivid color and emotion that is backed up by fact. Please take the time to watch... its just a few minutes, its just stunning and wonderful to watch, and will help us all to remember what dark days we live in and perhaps help energize us to revitalize what could be an astonishingly great nation... OURS. Take it away Keith:

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