Monday, July 28, 2008

Terrific New Ad

Just got this sent to me.... is raising money to air this ad nationally (see below). I hope they raise enough because its wonderful in that it brings a new tone to political advertising with a tongue in cheek message that Americans love. Why? Everything is bad news today... I think the one who can present something realistically optimistic but also asks (nicely) for appropriate sacrifice will win. Candidly... I can't imagine a scenario where old man McCain (who has NEVER SENT AN EMAIL) could possibly win the presidency.

Yes, that's right. He's never sent an email. Oy... could you imagine this clown winning?... we'd be in deep deep trouble.

I saw a funny shirt the other day. It looked like a McCain campaign shirt... had the logo and everything. But it said, McCain, 1908. Funny stuff. Enjoy the ad and then go here and donate.

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Laura said...

Awesome ad! So creative, fresh and real!!

Bruce said...

Yea Laura, this is a terrific ad. I love MoveOn because they recognize the importance of humor and theatre in politics... its what people notice... and candidly, scares them the most.

Republicans tend not to have a sense of humor unless it involves a smart bomb.