Thursday, July 3, 2008

Gore Vidal on The National Security State

This video is a more a plug for The REAL NEWS NETWORK that has become a darling for Gore Vidal. I believe mightily in what Gore has to say as he has always had to courage to pull back the curtain back and reveal the "newstainment" that is being orchestrated to control what we think we know and believe.

He has made a new documentary with The REAL NEWS NETWORK called "The History of the National Security State" and rightly claims in this short clip what I have been saying all along. We live in a Fascist-like military controlled state that manufactures wars to feed itself.

Have a look... I may get the documentary for reference and to see if it reveals anything new. I suspect it won't, but I love to hear Gore talk about recent history that most Americans know absolutely nothing about.

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