Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Step #4, Develop a Paramilitary Group

I'm attaching a talk given by Naomi Wolf about her bestselling book:

The End of America: Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot

In it, Naomi outlines the 10 steps that all modern democracies, or something close to democracies, have undergone to successfully install fascism. Fascism can be subtle. It can be as simple as me being too afraid to post this. It can be the fact that Naomi, by writing this book, is now on terror watch lists and is always pulled aside at airports by the TSA when traveling. Fascism is as much a state of mind, as it is a rule of law or ABSENCE OF LAW as defined by those that are theoretically "protecting" us.

The talk is long, but I have a reason that I am posting this. I find that one of her 10 steps is of particular relevance right now. Its step number 4: Develop a Paramilitary Group. For those who don't know what that is.... it is a privately paid army that works by its own rules and is paid by the state to impose the state's will on the people. A good example that those who read have heard about it is Blackwater. They are currently our private army operating primarily, but not exclusively, in Iraq at American taxpayer expense. We use the word "contractor" to connote that they make cement foundations for new buildings... but no no no... they are a private army. A good example from history is the Nazi Brownshirts. Just for kicks, I'm posting Blackwater's logo which I find particularly gruesome to the point of being funny.

The talk is worth every bit of your 45 minutes if you are interested in protecting our democracy. But in the event that you want me to do the job... stay tuned for my next post where I will reveal that there are not just simply private armies that we have... but a private intelligence network that was given life by our great and senile President Ronald Reagan in Executive Order 12333 of December 4, 1981.

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