Sunday, April 27, 2008

Dearest Pentagon,

Not only do we Americans give you 2/3 of the discretionary budget of the United States and your small group of contractors (who get most of THAT money), you continuously lie and distort the truth in order to ensure that you always seem that you have things almost under control.... but make sure to let us know that things will be really really more under control if you just had a few more of our tens of BILLIONS of dollars. Now, you must face the REAL ENEMY.... Senator Carl Levin from the great state of Michigan, who has good intentions, but really never seems to make any real change. He has sent you a letter asking for your cooperation in providing some truth behind your MFMing.

I am attaching his letter addressed to Robert Gates, our esteemed Secretary of Defense, and no doubt, it will be most interesting to watch you successfully wiggle out of this one as you do all other revelations as to your questionable and (frankly) disingenuous practices. The letter begins with

Dear Mr. Secretary: I am writing in connection with a front page story in the New York Times on Sunday, April 20, 2008, entitled "Behind TV Analysts, Pentagon's Hidden Hand."

And now for the ACTUAL letter (click to enlarge):

I applaud Senator Levin's sincere effort. However, I've been on this earth long enough (as well watching this baloney on television in a state of horror for many years) to know this will have NO IMPACT on either the MSM, continued MFMing on the part of the military and its contractors, or how the Pentagon or the 16 intelligence services (yes, we have 16 intelligence services) conduct information services to the public in the future. These guys didn't build nuclear subs that make no sound and B2 Stealth bombers at $2 Billion a pop only to have a lowly Senator change the way they trick us into being continuously IN DANGER and giving them all of our money in perpetuity.

Senator Levin, I ask you now to please send letters of a similar sort to each of the Senior Editors and owners of the news networks who broadcast this dubious "news analysis" and ask them why it is that they refuse to, or cannot do, their jobs.

Stay tuned for our next episode... where nothing of any consequence will happen.

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